CEO Of ONE Charity Highlights The Service They Provide To The Irish Defence Forces on Clare FM

On Monday’s Morning Focus, Alan was joined by Cormac Kirwan who is the CEO of ONE charity that provides support and advocacy for ex-service personnel of the Irish Defence Forces. Cormac discussed when the organisation was established and their primary objectives.

He described the way in which the charity facilitates ex-members of the Irish Defence Forces who may be struggling through accommodation and mental health services etc. He also described the number of homes the charity has made available throughout the country as a means of accommodation.

Cormac placed attention on the project recently launched last week called ‘HopeCouture’. The project aims to shine a light on the invisibility of homelessness within the Irish Defence Forces in Ireland.

He appealed to anyone who wishes to donate to do so in order to support their various centres around the country.

You can listen to the full interview:

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