Developing a spirit of comradeship among veterans and serving Defence Forces members

66th Recruit Platoon

67th Recruit Platoon

Pictured are members of the 66th and 67th Recruit Platoons who completed their initial training in the Defence Forces in Gormanston Camp on Friday 23rd February with the 27 Inf Bn and Joint Induction Training Centre.

ONE’s objects and aims can be summarised as SCAR: Support | Comradeship | Advocacy | Remembrance

Comradeship is described in ONE’s strategic goals as:
* To develop a spirit of comradeship among veterans, and between veterans and serving members of Óglaigh Na hÉireann.
* To foster public interest in Óglaigh Na hÉireann.
* To promote social and cultural activities.

Armn Fitzgerald Esprit de Corps winner 67th Rec Pln

To complete this goal, ONE’s Michael McNeela Branch presented two es​prit de corps awards which were based on a person who showed “inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honour of the group”. The members were voted by the platoon members to receive the awards: Pte Clarke 66th Recruit Platoon and Armn Fitzgerald 67th Recruit Platoon both presented by Jim McEneaney Chairperson Micheal McNeela Branch.

Other awards presented:
Presented by Sgt Rooney, 27 Inf Bn on behalf of ANSAC CU:
Pte O’Doherty Best Soldier 66th Rec Pln
Pte Rafferty Best Soldier 67th Rec Pln

Presented by Lt Col Donagh, OC 27 Inf Bn:
Pte Ryan Best Shot 66th Rec Pln
O/Sea Flahive Best Shot 67th Rec Pln

Pte Clarke winner Esprit de Corps 66th Rec Pln

Congratulations to all who completed the training and we wish them all the very best in their new chosen careers in the Defence Forces. Photos by Defence Forces photographers. More photos here:

ONE’s primary objective is to support the needs of Irish veterans by the provision of accommodation to homeless and other veterans in need of such domestic accommodation in its Veterans’ Homes and the provision of other advice and support to veterans, in particular Mental Health advice, through its nationwide network of Branches and Veterans’ Support Centres. Visit ONE-Veterans.Org for more info.

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