Health Insurance Information Webinar with Cornmarket

ONE members – Health Insurance Information Webinar on 26th November, 12.45pm with Dermot Goode and Cornmarket.

It is coming up to renewal time for many so Cornmarket are running an exclusive health insurance session next Friday with Dermot Goode – one of Irelands leading experts in Health Insurance, and our team, for some of our groups.

Health Insurance for many will be one of the biggest bills which will arrive annually or monthly for many. This is a great opportunity to pick up some tips from on the dos and don’ts to shopping around for health insurance to ensure that policy holders have the best plan which suits them and their family, at the right price.

If any ONE members would like to attend they are very welcome to register and join us – the link is below.

Many of our clients are saving hundreds on their health plans when they review and this is a great interactive session and opportunity to get the info required.

Register here:

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