Membership – Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann

The Board of Directors of Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann (Organisation of National Ex-Service Personnel – ONE) has undertaken a review of the administration of membership and associated issues. A number of these were approved by the Board at its meeting on 22 October 2020, including complimentary membership in 2021 for those who paid membership in 2020. Further details are outlined hereunder.

Application Process
An online application process has been developed in the new ONE Website which will be launched shortly. The paper-based system will also be retained.

Identity Card
The current ID Card, while identifying the holder as a member of ONE, does not identify him / her as being a veteran. This is rectified in a new ID Card which will be issued to members in 2021. An example of the ID Card for Veterans of the Defence Forces is below for your review.

Method of Payment
Membership subscriptions are currently paid by cash or cheque. Payment by Standing Order will be introduced with the option of cash / cheque payment retained for those who cannot or wish not to do this. The use of Standing Orders would greatly reduce administration, speed up the issue of ID Cards, and help retain branch membership. Multi-year membership is also being considered.

Membership Renewal Period
Membership Cards expire on December 31st each year. Renewal subscriptions are currently collected in Quarter One (January to March) of the following year. This results in a period of two to three months during which members have no current ID Card. If a member misses the meeting at which subscriptions are collected or the meeting later at which cards are distributed, this period could be four months or more. This is not satisfactory.

To rectify this, the membership renewal period will move to Quarter Four of each year. This will commence in October 2021 in respect of membership for 2022.

Membership 2021

To facilitate the changeover and to acknowledge those who have or will pay their membership in 2020, no subscription will be collected in respect of 2021 membership. Complimentary membership for 2021 will be issued, using the new ID Card, for all 2020 members (paid).

Branches are requested to: inform their members of the forgoing; encourage lapsed members to re-join; and to promote ONE to new members. The Board wishes to acknowledge the excellent submissions received on this matter and to take this opportunity to thank all members for their outstanding work in support of veterans.

Example of a new ID Card: