Building for the Future, the Strategic Plan of Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann (ONE), was launched at its Annual General Meeting on 02 October 2021. The plan was comprehensively reviewed and updated during the Summer and approved by the Board of Directors at its meeting on 26 August 2021. The Plan is available here.

In the 2021 review, the impact of COVID-19 continued to be a major factor. Each and every member of ONE faced personal challenges during the pandemic. Our organisation, in which our members are the vital component, was and will continue to be challenged.  We can reasonably expect

  • An increased requirement for accommodation in our veterans’ homes in the post COVID period.
  • An increased requirement for advice, guidance and support for veterans.
  • Challenges in re-opening our Branch and Veteran Support Centre network.
  • Implications for the staff and residents in our Homes and Head Office as we transition from the significant necessary restrictions during the pandemic.
  • Challenges with state funding in the post-pandemic period.
  • Similar to all charities, the legacy of the inability to fundraise during the pandemic.

There is a natural inclination for organisations to stagnate or regress during and immediately after a crisis. ONE cannot allow this to happen. We will have challenges both personally and for our organisation, but supporting our veterans requires us to not only sustain ONE but to propel it forward in these demanding times. An essential part of the further development of ONE is to broaden its membership base and in doing so to represent and be representative of all veterans of the Defence Forces. Our vision is a diverse and inclusive Veteran’s Organisation; drawing from the breadth of those who served in the Defence Forces; gaining strength from that range of knowledge, experience and talent; and welcoming, respecting and valuing the unique contribution of every individual.

The realisation of any strategy is a judicious combination of Ways, Means, and Ends. Those Ways are translated into eight strategic goals that have the veteran at its centre.