Thank you to all our Volunteers during National Volunteering Week

Thank you to all our Volunteers, for their time, support & kindness! Without it, we wouldn’t be able to support those Veterans who need it.

National Volunteering Week 20-26th May, is a weeklong celebration of volunteering.

Along with the network of Volunteer Centres, Volunteer Ireland uses National Volunteering Week to amplify the incredible stories of volunteering in our communities through social and traditional media. It’s a week full of events, both online and in person, with everything from yoga to coffee mornings to seminars on offer.

This year’s National Volunteering Week theme is ‘Uniquely Us’. We truly believe that celebrating, not just accommodating, the uniqueness of our volunteers makes our communities stronger and more connected. This National Volunteering Week we are exploring the diversity of volunteers who make Ireland what it is. No matter your age, race, abilities, or status, we honour your place in the community and the volunteering that you, uniquely, do.   

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Join Our Team – ONE Membership is open for new members and renewal of current membership for 2024.

‘As individuals, we stand alone, together as veterans we are ONE’

Handbook of Rules, Chapter 2, Para 2.1 – Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Membership of ONE shall be open to the categories listed hereunder providing such person had at least one year’s satisfactory service, has been honourably discharged, and has completed the current registration form declaring acceptance of the Constitution and Handbook of Rules for the ONE and providing such person is accepted by an affiliated Branch of the ONE.

  • a. Veterans and serving personnel of the Permanent Defence Force.
  • b. Veterans and serving personnel of the Reserve Defence Force.
  • c. Ex-service personnel of the Civil Defence.
  • d. Ex-service members of An Garda Síochána.
  • e. Ex-service personnel of the Irish Red Cross.

Volunteer membership is also open to others interested in joining and assisting in our charitable services and goals. Ordinary Membership is €25 per annum and Volunteer membership is €15 per annum. You can register your membership here:

ONE’s primary objective is to support the needs of Irish veterans by the provision of accommodation to homeless and other veterans in need of such domestic accommodation in its Veterans’ Homes and the provision of other advice and support to veterans, in particular Mental Health advice, through its nationwide network of Branches and Veterans’ Support Centres. Visit ONE-Veterans.Org for more info.

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