Did you know?

The Fuchsia Badge

That the Fuchsia flower was chosen as the fundraising emblem of the ONE, which was first used in the inaugural Fuchsia Appeal launch in 2009. The annual Fuchsia Appeal is run to raise much-needed funds for the ONE’s charitable objects, namely the provision of accommodation and other assistance to Defence Forces Veterans in need.

The Fuchsia flower was chosen as it is grown throughout Ireland, and is commonly known as Deora Dé or God’s Tears in the West of Ireland. When seen while overseas the Fuchsia is a reminder of home.

The Fuchsia badge is sold as part of the fundraising initiative and under the emblem is stamped the word ‘Cuimhnímis’ – ‘Remember Those Who Served’ in remembrance of those who have served and to the many who made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives while serving.

The main drive of the appeal normally takes place during the month of July, which is the month of the National Day of Remembrance. The appeal is also run locally throughout the year by our dedicated members and volunteers on the streets in their communities.

The Fuchsia emblem is now used as a badge of remembrance and a symbol to honour those currently serving in the Defence Forces.

The 2021 Fuchsia Appeal will be launched in September and take place from Saturday 25 September to Friday 01 October. The Fuchsia Appeal involves the selling of Fuchsia Emblems by members of ONE and other volunteers, and due to Covid-19 restrictions may also take place online, on streets, at supermarkets, outside churches, at sporting venues, at other appropriate locations and at the Coffee Mornings to held in Defence Forces locations on Friday 1st October.

To find out more about the Fuchsia Appeal or donate please visit: www.one-veterans.org/fuchsia-appeal/

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