10% Discount for Veterans with Laya Healthcare

Laya Healthcare – our promise to look after the Veterans of the Irish Defence Forces, Always

Laya Healthcare welcomes the opportunity to look after the health and wellbeing of the Veterans of the Irish Defence Forces, and below is a summary of the market-leading benefits we can offer to help Veterans live and feel better every day.

We are thrilled to offer Veterans a 10% discount on three superb schemes; Signify, Inspire and Prime.

About Laya Healthcare
Laya Healthcare looks after the private health insurance needs of more than 690,000 members. We offer some of the most innovative health benefits in the market along with life insurance (layalife.ie) and travel insurance (layatravelinsurance.ie).

What can Laya Healthcare offer Veterans?
* More access to Hospitals, Consultants and Urgent Care Clinics

* Rapid access to our Laya Health & Wellbeing Clinic network in Dublin, Galway and Limerick with plans to open two new clinics in Cork and North Dublin that offer a range of services including walk-in urgent care for the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries where members as young as 12 months+ will be seen within 60 minutes. All Laya Health & Wellbeing Clinics have X-ray diagnostics on-site

* HeartBeat Screening: Cardiac screening at no additional cost. Every Laya Healthcare member over the age of 12 is entitled to a screening once every 2 years.

* Digital Healthcare on Demand – Laya Healthcare has launched a market-first ‘Digital Health Hub’ for its members, offering unlimited everyday healthcare benefits on all schemes at no additional cost to their cover to digital GP consultations, physio, dieticians, and personalised fitness and health plans from a qualified Healthcoach on renewal or joining

* Healthcare Concierge team: experienced nurses, including midwife and paediatric nurses helping our members (18+) and their loved ones understand a diagnosis, give guidance on surgical procedures in Ireland and abroad, and any health-related query

* GPLive: Members aged 17+ can access unlimited digital GP consultations for a range of conditions including coughs, chest infections, and even sports injuries (fair usage rules apply)

* 24/7 Mental Wellbeing Support Programme: available to members aged 16+, providing access to counselling and psychotherapy support to help manage any personal or work-related challenges that members might be facing.

* Comprehensive cancer and cardiac cover, including accelerated access to new, innovative cancer drugs and therapies.

How to join Laya Healthcare:
Please call 021 202 2000 to speak with a member of the Laya team.
Group name: One Veterans Affinity and Group ID: 32163

Join Online: https://www.layahealthcare.ie/companies/iamaveteran/ to learn more and apply online.

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