Did you know? Defence Forces ‘FF’ badge design

Did you know?

That the Óglaigh na h-Éireann (Defence Forces) FF cap badge design, which is common to all Corps and Services and all orders of dress, is derived from the badge of the Irish Volunteers, Óglaigh na h-Éireann, and was designed by Professor Eoin MacNeill, Chairman of the National Executive of the Irish Volunteers.

This badge was originally adopted by the Irish Volunteers in October 1914 as the official badge of the organisation. The Centrepiece is formed of the letters ‘FF’. These letters signify ‘Fianna Fáil’. The word ‘Fianna’ is the name of the ancient military organisation (circa 3rd Century A.D.) forming what then corresponded to the standing Army of the country. The word ‘Fáil’ means ‘Destiny’.

One of the ancient names of Ireland was ‘Inishfáil’ (the Isle of Destiny) and ‘Fianna Fáil’ thus signifies the ‘Fianna (or Army) of Ireland’. The two letters are surrounded by a representation of an ancient warrior’s sword belt and a circle of flames which represent the ‘Sunburst’ – the traditional battle symbol of the Fianna. The words ‘Óglaigh na h-Éireann’ inscribed around the sword belt mean ‘Soldiers of Ireland’. No particular significance is attached to the representation of the star which was included to balance the design.

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