Support Veterans By Donating 2 Euro Per Month


ONE supports the needs of Irish veterans by the provision of accommodation to homeless veterans in its Veterans’ Homes and the provision of other advice and support to veterans through its nationwide network of Branches and Veteran Support Centres. ONE has 37 Branches, 15 Veteran Support Centres, and 3 houses with a further 2 being developed. Our first hostel opened in response to a number of veterans dying on the streets of Dublin. Since then, we’ve helped over 1,000 homeless veterans from all over Ireland who could have faced the same situation. Set against Ireland’s current homelessness crisis, the services of ONE are more vital than ever. We currently provide almost 18,000 bed nights every year, between Dublin (35 bedrooms), Letterkenny (7 bedrooms) and Athlone (7 bedrooms). Our 4th House is under construction in Cobh (5 bedrooms), and our Cork City House (6 bedrooms) is being planned, leading to the availability of 60 bedrooms nationwide for homeless veterans.


Download the donation form here and explore our options outlined below –


• OPTION A: Consent Form to deduct 50 Cent per week or €2 monthly from the salary of serving personnel of the Defence Forces.

• OPTION B: Consent Form to deduct €2 monthly from the pension of veterans of the Defence Forces.

• OPTION C: Bank Standing Order to deduct €2 monthly.