Veterans speak about Famine Trail fundraiser on Dublin South FM

Thank you to Martha Lynam who presents Memory Lane 4pm – 5pm on Dublin South FM 93.9FM for having our Defence Forces Veterans speak about our Famine Trail Walk fundraiser coming up in May. Memory Lane is a programme for senior citizens, featuring a mix of interviews, chat, history, trivia and some classic songs from the past.

Famine Trail Walk – 13th to 19th May 2024 – Veterans Walking for Veterans

6 Defence Forces Veterans will aim to raise funds for other veterans who have become homeless and/or need assistance, which ONE provides, by walking the 170 km Famine Trail from Strokestown to Dublin – Veterans Walking for Veterans

Please support and donate them here:

In May 1847, The landlord of Strokestown Estate in county Roscommon evicted 227 families from their homes, and because it was cheaper to send them abroad than to keep them in the workhouses 1,490 men, women and children, (mostly children) were forced to walk the 168km from Strokestown along the Royal Canal to Dublin. From here they sailed to Liverpool and were then put aboard one of four coffin ships and transported to Canada. Two-thirds of them died on that journey. More info on the Famine Trail website:

In May 2024, a small group of Defence Forces Veterans will retrace the steps of the 1,490, by walking the full 168km from Strokestown to Dublin along the Royal Canal.

6 veterans aged between 58 and 76 years of age (5 ex-Army, 1 ex-Naval Reserve), accompanied by several serving members of the Defence Forces (Army & Air Corps) will set off from Strokestown on Monday 13th May, and walk the full route over 7 days. They will arrive in Dublin on Sunday 19th May which coincides with the designated National Famine Commemoration Day.

In 2018 the Irish Government approved the designation of the third Sunday in May each year as the National Famine Commemoration Day.

ONE’s primary objective is to support the needs of Irish veterans by the provision of accommodation to homeless and other veterans in need of such domestic accommodation in its Veterans Homes and the provision of other advice and support to veterans, in particular Mental Health advice, through its nationwide network of Branches and Veterans Support Centres. Visit www.ONE-Veterans.Org for more info.

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