Workplace Fundraisers – Are Staff Just Giving?

Workplace Fundraisers – Are Staff Just Giving? Or Are They Really Engaging with Donations and Fundraising?

Everyone knows the team fundraiser is important for workplace camaraderie and morale, and there’s an idea for this year: maybe it’s a bike ride, maybe it’s a quiz, or a pie in the face… whatever it is, the activity is ready.

But who’s giving?

Going back to the same people you asked last year? Maybe they want to do something more than just donate.

Here are 6 top tips to encourage donations, excitement, controversy, engagement, and connections with colleagues, “frolleagues,” and “colleminemies” (colleague and enemy?).

The office bake sale
Simply set rewards as the items you want to sell (muffin, brownie, Chili chocolate cake – big in 2009, shortbread, etc.), give people the QR code, and they can buy them in the office, or you can get their address and package and send them out – The Bakesale, made better.

Casual / Super Smart Dress Day
Is this still even a thing in 2023? After the events of the past couple of years, most people are probably more interested in doing a “black tie to work” day to try something new!

Staff Adventure
From an afternoon “5km hike” to a “London to Paris bike ride,” company teams like to do things together.

CEO LOCK-IN / Pie in the Face / Lunchtime Challenge / Milestone Challenge
Set a fundraising goal to make things happen and watch the fun grow as staff donate.
€150 – “Silly Hat Day”
€300 – “Crazy Hair Day”
€500 – “Pajama Party CEO”
€1,000 – “Pie in the Face”
€1,500 – “CEO Karaoke”
€2,000 – “Dance-off with the CEO”
€3,000 – “Friday Afternoon Off”

Really Want to Make an Impact?!
Match Donations – ask the business or senior staff to set a donation matching challenge! – this way, every time a member of staff donates, that donation is matched in real time! This is great for engagement and shows real dedication to the fundraiser.

With these 6 tips, you’ll be able to put on a team fundraiser that will make everyone excited to raise funds for a great cause and even come to work 😉.

We are always looking for ways to fundraise so please contact our new Fundraising and Marketing Officer Wayne Fitzgerald for ideas or suggestions. or 083 097 3282 – See here

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